Business Cards for Musicians by IndieMusicNashville.comYou created awesome music.

Successful indie artists know that freely giving out beautiful, well branded business cards is a key building block in their branding and marketing plan. How else are people you meet going to remember who you are? Buy your EP? Invite you to play in their round or in their paying venue? Get your business cards, Nashville indie artist!


Business Cards. GET CARDED NOW! You created awesome music. YOU NEED AN AWESOME IMAGE.

Your awesome custom designed and well-branded business cards are exactly what you need to impress your music contacts and fans. Our graphic designer will consult with you to create business cards that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Your business card order includes:

  • Custom design by professional graphics designer
  • Proof for your approval
  • High-quality, 2 sided full-color printing
  • 500 custom cards shipped directly to you – free shipping!
  • Multiple premium card stocks available
  • Larger quantities available

Stand out! Have cool business cards.

Be ready at your next gig to hand out your awesome business cards, Nashville!

“I left my business cards at home.” Yeah, sure he did. Saying this is inviting someone to walk away. And forget who you are. And not buy your music.

Never let them say this behind your back again: “She didn’t even have any business cards!”

No longer will you look and sound unprofessional, like indie artist wannabes. Order your custom cards and get known. Your professional quality image starts here!

We will schedule a consultation to get the information we need to create your cool, professional new business cards.

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