Digital Branding Plan by IndieMusicNashville.comCoca-Cola, Apple and others use Digital Branding.

How do you know you’re looking at an Apple product when the word “Apple” isn’t anywhere to be found? Because Coca-Cola, Apple and others have trained you to look for the symbol, not just the name. That’s Digital Branding.


Branding helps your fans and the media to immediately identify you throughout your online channels, regardless of whether they’re looking at your website, Twitter, YouTube, or any one of the other places where you have an online presence.

Train your followers to look for your digital brand!

Digital Branding - Coca-Cola, Apple and others use it. YOU NEED IT TOO.

You don’t have a bitten apple, a red swoosh, or golden arches connected with your artist name? That’s okay. We can fix that. We will analyze your web presence, and then provide you with a detailed plan that will give your online accounts the charisma and authority that you deserve with digital branding.

Your detailed digital branding plan will have recommendations for your digital brand concerning your patterns, color palettes, typography, photos, and designs. With your plan, you will know which photos should take center stage and which should be retired, which fonts to stick with and which to abandon, and which colors you need to use and which to ditch.

Optional: We do all the work for you – we create new images using recommended patterns, color palettes, typography, and design systems, which are properly sized and scaled for each social media account. Then we upload your new images into your various accounts.

Optional: We provide you with high-quality business cards that fit your newly branded image!

Our marketing experts will schedule a consultation to get the information we need to get you branded.

Optional items will incur an additional cost. Don’t worry, we won’t do it without your approval.

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