EPK Electronic Press Kit by IndieMusicNashville.com

Sheeran, Gaga and others use them.

Why do Sheeran, Gaga and others have amazing, accurate media coverage – and you don’t? Because in part, they have an EPK – Electronic Press Kit – they provide for media, venues, and promoters.


With your EPK, you’ll have everything the media needs to cover you thoroughly and accurately, and everything venues need to prepare for your show. All. In. One. Spot.

Increase media coverage! Book more shows!

EPK - Sheeran, Gaga and others use them. YOU NEED ONE TOO.
When you provide the information and documentation below, we design and build you a beautiful, branded, and dedicated web page to contain it. We show you off to the media, promoters, and venues, putting you in the best light possible.

Your EPK includes:

  • Downloadable photographs
  • List of past media coverage
  • List of past interviews
  • Song List
  • Sample of a normal set list
  • Music from your SoundCloud
  • Embedded Videos
  • Contact info
  • Active social links
  • Band contracts (when appropriate)
  • Stage plot diagrams (when appropriate)
  • W9s

Your short and long form bios and a minimal hosting fee are not included.

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