Gig Posters by IndieMusicNashville.comYour competition uses gig posters.

How do your competition and friends in the music biz get fresh new faces to come to their gigs – and you don’t? Because, in part, they’re having gig posters made for all their upcoming gigs – and plastering them around in strategic places. Gig Posters –


Gig Posters. GET PLASTERED NOW! Your competition uses posters. YOU NEED THEM TOO..A well done gig poster for your show can bring in people you are unable to reach using any other method. Your Facebook event can only go so far, but gig posters can bring in people you don’t even know, just because they saw the gig poster and decided that you look interesting.

Plaster your face all over town with gig posters!

Gig posters are good for more than just plastering.

Sell gig posters on your merch table. Charge extra to autograph them. Have a drawing to give away a signed gig poster – draw from those who sign up for your email list. Use your imagination. I bet you can come up with even more ideas on how to use your gig posters!

You’ll receive a digital copy of your poster via email, in exactly the right resolution to be printed on 11×17 paper. They’re cheap to print, about $1 or $2 each (depending on the paper you choose) at office stores. So print as many as you like!

Optional: We provide you with a second digital image, matched to your gig poster, which is just the right size to use as your Facebook event image.

Our graphic artist will schedule a consultation to get the information we need to get you plastered.

Optional item will incur an additional cost. Don’t worry, we won’t do it without your approval.

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* As soon as we receive notification of your gig poster order, we’ll be in touch to schedule a consultation.
* You will be sent a digital file of your gig poster which you can have printed cheaply at office supply stores.

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