IndieArtist Spotlight by IndieMusic Nashville

Like an EPK. Only smarter.

Maybe your band is just getting started. Maybe you’re on a shoestring budget. And nobody out there knows who you are. Seriously, your band needs to be promoted so people will come out for your gigs. And buy your merch. And your EPs. IndieArtist Spotlight –


Think of your IndieArtist Spotlight multi-media promotion as an informal EPK, magazine spread, press release, and promotion all in one, but without the big bucks. Use it to promote your band on social media, or send the link to venues and potential house concert hosts so they can hear your music (and invite you to gig there). Promote your album release or your upcoming tour.

Promote your band to tens of thousands.

IndieArtist Spotlight by IndieMusic Nashville

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Your IndieArtist Spotlight is hosted right here on IndieMusicNashville, with no additional hosting fee. It includes:

  • IndieArtist Spotlight – exclusive promotion on the front page of our website.
  • Original article that includes a lengthy interview covering your life and career.
  • High quality photos (from your website, social media, or provided by you).
  • Links to your website and socials.
  • Your music on SoundCloud plays while media outlets, prospective venues, and your future fans are reading your IndieArtist Spotlight.

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