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Meredith B‏ @MeredithB….  Jun 26
Replying to @IndieMusicNash
Love that! THANKS 🙂

First, our graphic designer makes dozens of beautiful, inspiring and/or humorous memes. Then, we test them all for you and, finally, provide you with the “Best of the Bunch” every 28 days. You get only the 28 memes in your meme subscription that got the most engagement and the most favorable responses of all!

Anna‏ @TherealCC….  Jun 29
Replying to @IndieMusicNash
Thank You!!!! xox

Georgie‏ @georgie….
Replying to @IndieMusicNash
I dig it.

Tina-Marie M.‏ @tmiller…. May 4
Replying to @IndieMusicNash
Love this ! Thank you, happy Friday all

Why 28? Because Twitter Analytics runs on a 28-day cycle, and @IndieMusicNash is a Twitter fanatic!

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n beautiful‏ @REDB…. 7 minutes ago
Replying to @IndieMusicNash
Good one

Zafira‏ @ZSongs… May 10
Replying to @IndieMusicNash
love it! Thank you for sharing that!

G. B.‏ @gb68…. May 1
Replying to @IndieMusicNash
Exciting stuff 🎼🎯💯

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