What is an Album Teaser Trailer Video?

An album teaser trailer is perfect for promoting your upcoming album. It’s a short video that satisfies your listeners’ short attention spans, and increases their awareness and anticipation for your album, songs, and videos.

Why do I need an Album Teaser Trailer?

People who use social media are accustomed to watching lots of videos that show up in their news feed. They’ll be happy to watch yours as well. You may even gain new fans with your teaser trailer!

But it needs to be less than a minute long – preferably thirty seconds or less. Longer than that, and you’re asking people for too much of a commitment, and they may not even click play. Take the most important information, and include only that in your album teaser trailer.

Your teaser trailer is also a good way to drive pre-orders to your PledgeMusic campaign, or to your website for people to purchase your music.

What do I do with an Album Teaser Trailer once I have it?

Share, share, share!

Share on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, your website, email list, and everywhere else you can think of. Make the video your channel trailer or featured video on YouTube. Embed it on your website or blog.

After a day or two, boost your Facebook post to dramatically increase views of your album teaser trailer.

What should my Album Teaser Trailer contain?

There are no rules. Sometimes mystery is great. But if you don’t have a great fanbase yet, it’s best to stick to the main facts.

  • Artist name
  • Album name
  • Image of the album cover
  • When it will be available
  • URL for your website, music store, or crowdfunding platform where viewers can purchase or find out more details
  • Audio clip from one or two of the new tracks

How can I get my own Album Teaser Trailer?

Just contact us or CLICK HERE, provide us with the information, and you’ll have a teaser trailer to be proud of!

What do I need to get you started on my Album Teaser Trailer?

We just need the information above, plus some visuals to include in the video teaser trailer such as

  • Clips from an upcoming music video
  • Still photos of band members
  • Shots of your recording gear or instruments
  • Footage from the studio
  • Live concert footage
  • Album cover art
  • Your website URL

Here’s a teaser trailer video we made for Glass Bridge, who has a CD/novel project in the works. Although they’re in the early stages of this project, they still wanted a trailer video to help gain awareness and understanding of what they are all about.