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Timberlake, Rihanna and Pink use them.


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IndieArtist Spotlight – Get Yours Now

LIKE AN EPK. ONLY SMARTER. Maybe your band is just getting started. Maybe you’re on a shoestring budget. And nobody out there knows who you are. Seriously, your band needs to be promoted so people will come out for your gigs. And buy your merch. And your EPs. YOU NEED THIS. ASAP.

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Short Bio for Indie Musicians

STAPLETON, SWIFT AND OTHERS HAVE ONE. Why are Stapleton, Swift and others so popular – and you’re not? Because, in part, they put bios out there in important places before anyone knew who they were. YOU NEED ONE TOO.

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Long Bio for Indie Musicians

BEYONCE, JAY Z AND OTHERS HAVE ONE. Why are Beyoncé, Jay Z and others so popular – and you’re not? Well, it’s partially because they distributed long form bios to the media before anyone knew who they were. YOU NEED ONE TOO.

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Digital Branding Plan

COCA-COLA, APPLE AND OTHERS USE IT. How do you know you’re looking at an Apple product when the word “Apple” isn’t anywhere to be found? Because Coca-Cola, Apple and others have trained you to look for the symbol, not just the name. YOU NEED IT TOO.

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Press Release for Indie Musicians

CHESNEY, UNDERWOOD AND OTHERS USE THEM. Why do Chesney, Underwood and others have huge numbers of screaming fans who can’t wait for their next album, concert or song – and you don’t? Because in part, they sent out press releases for every new album, concert and song ever since nobody knew who they were. YOU NEED ONE TOO.

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Website Design, Build, & Hosting

ALDEAN, PICKLER AND OTHERS HAVE GREAT ONES. Why do Aldean, Pickler and others have great websites – and you don’t? Because, in part, they understand that their website is their most important marketing tool. And now you know that a great website is YOUR most important marketing tool. YOU NEED ONE TOO.

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EPK for Bands

SHEERAN, GAGA AND OTHERS USE THEM. Why do Sheeran, Gaga and others have amazing, accurate media coverage – and you don’t? Because in part, they have an EPK – Electronic Press Kit – they provide for media, venues, and promoters. YOU NEED ONE TOO.

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Business Cards Nashville

YOU CREATED AWESOME MUSIC. Successful indie artists know that freely giving out beautiful, well branded business cards is a key building block in their branding and marketing plan. How else are people you meet going to remember who you are? Buy your EP? Invite you to play in their round?

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Meme Subscription

TWEETERS WITH MASSES OF ORGANIC FOLLOWERS USE GREAT MEMES. Why do some tweeters, facebookers, and instagrammers get masses of organic followers – and you don’t? Because, in part, they know that a great meme gets much more love than a simple tweet or post. YOU NEED GREAT MEMES TOO.

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Gig Posters Nashville

YOUR COMPETITION USES THEM. How do your competition and friends in the music biz get fresh new faces to come to their gigs – and you don’t? Because, in part, they’re having posters made for all their upcoming gigs – and plastering them around in strategic places. Gig Poster. YOU NEED THEM TOO.

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Teaser Trailer Video for Release or Event

TIMBERLAKE, RIHANNA, AND PINK USE THEM. Why do Timberlake, Rihanna and Pink have fans eagerly awaiting their every release and concert date? Partly because they create a buzz among their followers by “teasing” them with short videos. Teaser Trailer Video – YOU NEED THEM TOO.

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“The great personalized questions were a really nice touch! They allowed me to present my story in an engaging way to my fans, who loved it! Thank you, Gail and David, you guys are doing a fantastic job!!!”

Irenka *

“IndieMusic Nashville did some design work for my website. They took my ideas and made them happen! They worked with me until I was VERY happy with the final result – then designed my business cards to match my website! I recommend IndieMusic Nashville for any artist branding or web design work you need!”

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“IndieMusic Nashville wrote my bio for me – to my immense satisfaction! Additionally, they have an incredible ability to design memes for social media. They are discerning and dedicated and I would recommend them for any of the services they offer.”

John Brinson

“I didn’t think I needed a press release just for my new song, but I was wrong! I sent the press release to all the media outlets back home, and the difference in downloads between this song and my last was AWESOME! So many more downloads, and now I have new fans and people asking when my next song will be released!”


Moxie Swann

Irenka *

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